Physical Assets

Offers a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient asset life cycle tracking application.  Lowers the cost of asset ownership and secures your assets while giving you a global view across your organization. Includes the full cycle from start to finish – Inventory Acquisition, Depreciation, Maintenance, Reporting and Disposal.

Le ERP provides seamless integration with accounting and inventory ensures that fixed assets is automatically transferred from procurement (purchase orders) which ensures that no equipment slips through the cracks.

Reconcile your fixed assets inventory through the means of interfacing a data collector such as a bar code reader (BHT – Barcode Handy Terminal). Le ERP allows you to discover discrepancies such as duplicate items.

Full Cycle Tracking

Manages complete asset life cycle - Inventory Acquisition, Depreciation, Maintenance, Reporting and Disposal

Full Control over Asset

Properly plan, procure then deploy assets, and perform maintenance activities