Alerts and alarms notifies the users of important events triggered by an exception or critical state. In addition, user can incorporate them in the form of reminders which are more inclusive and can be linked to any event of interest varying from important criteria such as out-of-stock items to more routine occurrences such as unposted transactions.


In addition to the default built-in alerts, user has the option of defining their own important set of criteria for the system to monitor. A visual editor simplifies the process in setting up your alerts quickly by enabling you to select the alert criteria as well as the action that will be generated by the alert. Other options include the displayable fields as well as the criteria that will be used for filtering. You control when the reminder will be displayed (startup, daily, weekly, monthly), to which user the alert will be sent to, the valid period (start & expiration dates) with the option to deactivate it at a future date.


When alerts and reminders are generated, user has the option to view details (in list view or report mode) or place them in “snooze” mode that will regenerate the alert after a specified amount of time.

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