Customizable forms gives the freedom to the end user to custom tailor the standard functions for the various packages and modules of LeERP to meet their personal preferences and needs. Customization includes options such as filtering, sorting, apply conditional formatting, pivot tables and numerical overviews. In addition, user can add or delete (hide) certain fields in order to pinpoint certain information. This rearranging of the information will be advantageous in getting the most out of their daily operation data. This versatile approach allows each user to customize the forms to meet their own needs and requirements which in turn will be automatically displayed each time they access the form on the menu.


User can rearrange the data by enabling new fields, hiding others, re-ordering (ascending/descending), or re-sizing the column (best fit). In addition, one can utilize conditional formatting in the form of a filter editor to specify their own selection criteria for display as well as drag/drop a column to show/hide or use pivot table for grouping the rest of the fields.

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