Based Audit

LeERP offers a forms based audit that is built-in to the application and is independent of the database used, giving you consistent secure results and the freedom not to be constrained by a database vendor’s audit rules and restrictions. This feature is integrated system wide – across all forms, reports, modules and packages.


A comprehensive audit report will display details on the audited object (previous and present values), form name, action type, date/time stamp of the modification, application user id, windows user account as well as the actual machine in which the object was accessed.


The audit takes you a step further and provides insight on how any user change is propagated throughout the form. For example, by selecting the display database field option, you will be able to see how a modification will effect internal fields such as calculations. For example, if a user changes a line item’s price on a sales invoice, the form audit will display other internal fields that are affected by this change such as total and net price, discount, and tax.

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