LeERP’s KPIs will assist you with your business metrics reporting and help you understand and improve your business goals. In addition to the pre-existing KPIs that are part of Le ERP, you can design your own to monitor certain events that are needed for evaluating your progress. These performance indicators can be in a wide range of categories such as quantitative, practical, directional, actionable or financial indicators. Some of the built-in KPIs include:

 KPI Scorecard
 Gross Profit
 Sales by Month/Region
 Top Customers/Suppliers
 Category Statistics
 Calls Per Week/Appointments by User
 Cost Analysis
 Job Analysis
 Account Balance

In addition, all KPIs utilize a color palette for the graphics, point of view to focus on arguments, values or both. A chart wizard further enhances your KPI experience by offering a wide array of options from construction of the chart such as chart type, appearance, series and data to the presentation level in terms of diagram, panes, axes, point labels, chart titles, legend and annotation. As with all LeERP forms and packages, you can print and export your KPI to multiple formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, and image.

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