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Le ERP offers a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient contract tracking application. From start to finish, user has total control over the contract management process. Le ERP allows for user defined contract types, periods, and payment terms.

Le ERP includes time saving features such as advance notice alerts, auto renewal, and document management. Seamless integration with accounts payable ensures all financial transactions are automatically transferred (retention, advance payment, expenses).

Le ERP time saving features:
• Auto Renewal of contracts
• Advance Notice on contract termination
• Ability to directly scan and link contract, warranty, terms of agreement and other documents

Le ERP comprehensive contract information:
• Allows user to specify contract details such as cost, payment terms, contract period and coverage type
• Gives user the option for retention, advance payment and flexible payment plans based on contract
• Alerts user if asset covered by contract has been disposed.

Maintenance – CMMS

Enables you to prioritize assets and ensure they are administering the right level of investment to meet utilization and financial goals.

The Maintenance module processes and tracks maintenance repairs on your assets as well as your customers. It includes maintenance contracts with your clients, service providers or your internal in-house repairs. Includes scheduling, tracking work orders and evaluating maintenance contracts.

Time saving features include reminders about work orders, preventive maintenance, automatic renewal of maintenance contracts and integrated calendar for site visits.