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Third Party

This portal provides all of your Third Party needs. All transactions are tracked and monitored for all entities. Le ERP allows definition of multiple profiles for the same entity (i.e. customer, supplier, department and bank) with a built-in organization chart and special authorization capabilities (ceiling limit amounts and blacklisting). An optional ledger module with posting and rescheduling capabilities offers an option for businesses that do not want a full Financials package but require accounting integration with their third party accounts.

Third Party Relationship Management system (xRM) is also a robust Relationship Management package that allows you to manage third party data and interaction, access business information, automate sales, marketing and customer support and also manage employee, vendor and partner contracts.

Optional basic “Light” Ledger module allows users to process accounts payable/receivable transactions for 3rd party instead of the full fledged corporate enterprise accounting module.

Client Factoring

Factoring is when a third party firm (usually a financial institution such as a bank), or factor, buys a business’ accounts receivables and gives the business a cash advance based on those unpaid bills.

The third party takes over collecting the owed receivables. This back end system is designed to allow the business to monitor and better track their accounts receivable and compute the true cost of factoring such invoices. Le ERP provides up-to-date information to the business in terms of fees, interest, finance charges and projected cash flows for each invoice.

A must have for all business that are utilizing factoring as a means to improve their cash flows, finance new products & services and cut collection costs.


Le ERP’s Inventory Management system has a comprehensive Inventory Control module that is complemented by robust Sales and Procurement.

Improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and execute inventory operations through this intuitive stock management module. Le ERP includes internal consumption, customizable list prices, item discounts and accounts for overheads and unforeseen charges. Other features include an inventory based year closing (separate from the fiscal year) as well as opening stock adjustments that provide easier transitions from one year to the next.

Le ERP stock item record can have multiple attributes such as different units of measure, lots, expiration dates, serial, cost computation method, stocking unit of measure, stocking currency, specific taxes based on each outlet.

Le ERP offers analytical reports offers you insight into your inventory activity, which in turn will ensure that you keep an accurate historical record of each item’s movement history and guarantee item availability throughout your organization.


The internal consumption module allows businesses to accurately account for consumption of items or services internally within the organization across different branches, divisions, departments or sections. Module directly links with accounting, providing a unique and traceable internal consumption voucher type with details such as the department and business unit.


Includes a complete procurement cycle that drastically cuts your supply chain management costs. This module covers from the delivery request to the vendor’s quotation to the generation of purchase order, invoice and automatic linking to accounting. Time saving features include duplication of orders for purchase renewals as well as automatic transfer of data during the different phases of the procurement cycle.

Intuitive features include:
• Line item and order discounts
• Profit details such as cost, markups and margins
• Totals summary including discount, rounding, taxes and commissions
• Promotions
• Availability in current stock

Le Retail (Point of Sales)

Le Retail (Point of Sales – POS) module is tightly integrated with Le ERP’s Inventory management system. Robust features allow you to create and implement powerful pricing, promotion and loyalty programs to attract and retain your best clients. Easy-to-use touch screen display that is compatible with most tablets and POS devices.

System allows user to customize their sales invoice receipts with branch/contact information, item details, special offer alerts and bar code for transaction. In addition, total flexibility regarding payment modes in that the system allows you to accept for each transaction multiple currencies and/or payment modes (cash, check, credit card, loyalty redemption points, etc.). Your client can pay part of their transaction in cash (US Dollars), part of their transaction on Euro debit card and a third part from your store loyalty program.

Powerful hold and recall transaction allows you to place the order on hold in order to accept another customer and then be able to retrieve (recall) and close it out. Certain situations might present this scenario useful such as:
• The payment is not being made until later or
• The ticket has a credit card assigned to it and the tip has not been processed or
• Someone called an order in and made arrangements to have it paid for when they get there or
• The customer is running a tab in the store or
• It could also be that they don’t have enough money or need to leave the register in order to retrieve their wallet/purse and/or withdraw money from an ATM or
• It could also be that the order is in a drive thru and you need to take the next car in line.

The possibilities are endless…and this function allows you to meet all of these scenarios without disrupting or stopping your daily operations!


Utilities Management is a specialized application that will simplify the process of collecting and accounting for utility bills from tenants that spans utilities such as electric, gas, water, internet and others.


It allows the definition of multiple utility schemes such as network, subscription plans, prepaid utility, counter based and/or price by range levels. It provides the user with the option to import current readings and automatically generate invoicing and links to accounts receivable with value added services such as sending alerts or notifications to subscribers through email or telephone text messages (SMS). Additional features include organizing accounts by apartment, third party and utility as well as interfacing with external (third party) accounting software.


Brings together all major phases of sales under one module; from issuing a quotation for goods, sales order to delivering & invoicing the customer as well as account for returns. This automation enables you to increase overall sales and lower operation cost at the same time. Automatic conversion from one phase to another within the sales cycle ensures accuracy throughout the system.