Call Accounting

Call Accounting (Carla) is a comprehensive application designed to manage telephone and fax communication. Carla helps cut communication costs by inspecting the company’s lines and reporting contact details. The security feature allows full control over users and menus in Carla.

In addition, Carla employs a practical and user-friendly phone directory. The notification system in Carla reports unknown numbers to the user when unlisted numbers are dialed.

Carla’s business intelligence tools will allow you to:
• Improve customer’s satisfaction – identify areas of increasing hold times and abandoned calls
• Improve return on investment for installed PABX infrastructure by matching the size of your equipment with the volume of calls and length of time to answer a client’s call
• Improve transparency and efficiency of your sales and support teams by auditing your calls and tracking all your customer exchanges

Total Tracking

Carla employs total tracking of calls, differentiating between personal and professional, operates on VOIP and traditional PABX telephone lines, and filters calls by department, project, extension or user accounts. This tracking allows organizations to cut or recover costs, control overheads and optimize allocation of resources.

Enhance Customer Experience through KPIs

Carla offers KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to enhance your customer experience by measuring such metrics as:

• Number of calls received and time • Distribution by hour & day • Length of on-hold calls • Unanswered and abandoned calls • Transfer calls