Call Center

Integrated call center within your ERP that automatically monitors, records and alerts all incoming calls and their status. Details regarding the third party, outstanding issues (such as maintenance site visits, work orders, sales invoice) are highlighted for the end user through LeERP’s scheduler and calendar modules.

Call Center is also integrated with reminders which can link a caller with a specific action item that needs to be taken in the future – such as performing maintenance visit, processing an order or arranging a sales meeting. In addition, system provides an in depth look on the operation of the Call Center module by reports and statistical graphs, with analytical information on how many received calls/day, who’s answering calls. follow-up on client issues, etc.

Pop-up Alerts

Application automatically launches a pop-up for an incoming call, alerting the user the third party's name with a drill down to view their details and make an appointment on the calendar. Pop-up window is a great reminder if you are not at your desk to contact the caller.

Calendar Feature

Call center is automatically integrated with the Calendar module, allowing you to make appointments based on region, resource assigned and duration.



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