Cash & Treasury

At any point in time, you will need tools and processes that will accurately predict current and future cash balances on a consistent basis. Having enough cash on hand at the right time in order to fund essential business operations is a number one priority for cash managers worldwide. Le ERP Cash & Treasury Management gives you direct access into expected cash needs and forecasted cash receipts.

You can quickly analyze enterprise-wide cash requirements, ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash resources. Le ERP Cash & Treasury Management monitors and forecast cash requirements, performs bank reconciliations, distributes payments efficiently and securely, and automatically generate accounting entries for all transactions.

Le ERP Cash & Treasury module allows you to process a comprehensive bank reconciliation across all of your transactions, ensure and monitor timely daily cash flows & long-term forecasts as well as account for inter-register transfers.

Strengthen Reconciliation and Proper Accounting

Seamless integration with accounting and inventory ensures that fixed assets is automatically transferred from procurement (purchase orders) which ensures that no equipment slips through the cracks

Key Benefits

• Individual or cash batch posting with option to unpost

• Compare and forecast your company’s cash flow to determine liquidity