Process payroll efficiently with the flexibility on different pay types and regulations associated with each employee. System allows for rebates, before and after tax calculations, family allowances, pensions, end of service settlements, and social security. Payslip generated directly from the system with a complete set of reports to comply with local and national government agency requirements.


Personnel can benefit from LeERP Payroll modules through its comprehensive Loan Management Module.


Insurance Management is included, automatic deductions are supported and well as ad hoc abatements.

Flexible Payment Modes

Allows employee to be paid in multiple currencies for different pay items while at the same time receiving their net pay in one currency - useful for international employees or expatriates.

Full Interface to Time Attendance Hardware

LeERP connects seamlesly to a multitude of Time Attendance machines, saving the time and effort necessary for entering the attendance records of personnel.

Cheque printing

LeERP Payroll modules allows the printing of the MICR cheque identification lines as well as producing personalized cheques to use with multiple bank accounts.